Hojarasca (fallen leaves) is an online gallery and blog encompassing the work of Mexican designer and curator Juan Larrauri Scott. It is intended as a portfolio and web hub in which to share creative outputs such as articles, curatorial ideas, virtual exhibitions and experimental work.

Just like the leaves from a tree, ideas grow, mature and finally kindly and gracefully fall to enrich the soil beneath. In the hope that a bunch of ideas worth sharing can enrich and leave an enrich base behind, Hojarasca intends to contribute to our shared cultural and natural environment by connecting and drawing attention to a wide range of subjects including design, creativity, entrepreneurship, ecology, social change, art, craft, advocacy, curatorial practice and more.

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Juan Scott


Juan Scott

Juan Larrauri Scott

  • Ethical curator

  • Green designer

  • Creative entrepreneur

Juan is a Mexico City-based emerging curator and creative entrepreneur driven by a deep interest in indigenous cultures, crafts and design. His passion for crafts and his extensive experience working with Mexican artisans led him to found Artefacto, an e-commerce website, dedicated to Mexican crafts, rooted in indigenous traditions.
Exasperated by industrialisation and its effects on the environment he aims to raise awareness about the important role crafts play in our culture, everyday life and environmental well-being.
Since 2012 he has been responsible for the legacy of Mexican artist, Alfredo Larrauri. He is currently in the process of consolidating an archive to conserve, restore and disseminate the artwork, which consist of paintings, drawing, prints and photographs.
He is currently enrolled in a MA course in creative entrepreneurship in England, which is encouraging him to develop a curatorial practice by setting up exhibitions which will contribute to the advancement of arts and crafts in Mexico and beyond.


Juan Scott

mexican crafts

Social enterprise and e-commerce, dedicated to Mexican traditional crafts.
It provides unique, meaningful products with a positive social and environmental impact.

Archivo Alfredo Larrauri

art, architecture & design

Archive promoting the life-long achievements and work of Mexican artist Alfredo S. Larrauri. Includes paintings, paper based drawings, prints and photography.

Juan Scott

mexican cocoa & culture

Twice-yearly event that strives to broaden public perceptions of chocolate by highlighting cocoa producer’s output and showcasing Mexico's unique indigenous cultures.

· résumé ·


BS Industrial DesignUAM, Mexico City2002-2007
Exhibition DesignENCRyM, Mexico City2016-2017
MA Creative entrepreneurshipUEA, England2019-2020


HojarascaFounder and creative director2020 - ...
Central CacaoCo-founder and creative director2016 - 2019
Cacao Para Todos Festival Co-founder and creative director2014 - ...
Artefacto MéxicoFounder and creative director2013 - ...
Galería Mexicana de DiseñoShop manager2011 - 2012
Museo Rufino TamayoVolunteer work2010 - 2011

· creative work ·

brand logo design

product design

Cuajiote tableware
Designed and crafted in collaboration Dina Medina.
Commisioned item make by Delia Alvarez, Puácuaro Michoacán
Exfoliating fish
Made in collaboration with Elsa González, Tavehua, Oaxaca.



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Juan Scott